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The use cases and utilisation scenarios for M2M by MatchCoin are diverse and influence several aspects of digital and social life. By combining decentralised technology, a cryptocurrency (MatchCoin) and an innovative approach to advertising/personalised content and data control, M2M by MatchCoin enables new opportunities for users, businesses, investors and developers.

  1. personalised and privacy-oriented advertising Use case: Users can link their interests and preferences without revealing personal data thanks to zero-knowledge proofs. Advertisers use keyword staking to minimise their advertising budget to reach their target audience efficiently while maintaining user privacy.

  2. Decentralised social media Usage scenario: A platform that promotes real human interaction without being influenced by algorithms. Users benefit from authentic content based on their interests and generated by real human recommendations rather than algorithmic selection.

  3. direct monetisation of user data Use case: Users have full control and ownership of their data and can choose to share it with specific companies or research organisations to directly participate in the value creation.

  4. improved security and data protection Usage scenario: By leveraging zero-knowledge proofs and decentralised architectures, M2M by MatchCoin provides a platform where transactions and communications are secure and private, minimising the risk of data leaks and hacking attacks. Starting Proof of Contact Mining to create Cryptography.

  5. Paying for Referrals and Word of Mouth Advertising. Users can be rewarded for their successful loyalty to a company and their word-of-mouth advertising. There are reveral systems and other loyalty options to promote the scaling of the M2M by MatchCoin network.

  6. Decentralised finance (DeFi) Use case: Use of MatchCoin within DeFi applications for lending, staking and liquidity provision. Users can deposit MatchCoin into liquidity pools to earn interest or take out loans without having to involve traditional banks.

  7. community-driven research and development Usage scenario: Research organisations or companies can directly ask the community for contributions by using MatchCoin for specific research data, surveys or product feedback, enabling a direct exchange of value between participants.

  8. tokenisation and trading of digital assets Use case: MatchCoin can be used to buy and sell digital goods and services. From digital art to e-books and online courses, creators can sell their work directly to consumers, with the blockchain providing transparency and security.

  9. Crowdfunding and microfinancing Usage scenario: Startups and small businesses can use MatchCoin to raise capital through crowdfunding as Keywordstaking to crowdfounding a new product or technology or real direct crowdfounding for a special product. In return for support, investors and supporters can receive exclusive benefits or shares in future revenues. (Support your Local)

These use cases demonstrate how M2M by MatchCoin uses decentralised technologies and its own cryptocurrency to provide innovative solutions to everyday problems and needs, protecting privacy while creating new opportunities for monetisation and interaction.

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