💡Why M2M?

M2M by MatchCoin responds directly to consumers' growing demand for control over their own data and the value associated with it. In a digital era where personal information and their time is often monetised by large corporations without the users' knowledge or consent, M2M by MatchCoin provides a platform that gives the power back to the users. It recognises the fundamental need for consumers to control their personal data and reclaim the time that really matters, namely physical contact with fellow human beings and deriving value from its use.

Despite a lack of knowledge and the necessary tools among many consumers to effectively exercise this control, M2M by MatchCoin makes it easy and accessible. Through a user-friendly app/platform based on transparent and secure technologies, users can manage their data and protect their privacy while benefiting from their own information and spending more time with friends and the community. The platform uses advanced privacy technologies such as Zero Knowledge Proofs to ensure that users' privacy is maintained while allowing them to participate in advertising and monetisation initiatives. New monetisation initiatives are even being created by championing interests and communities.

MatchCoin plays a central role in this by serving as a cryptocurrency within the ecosystem, enabling transactions and rewarding users for their active participation and sharing of their data. This creates a direct financial incentive and gives consumers back tangible value generated from their data.

By responding to consumers' needs for control over their own data and the value generated from it, M2M by MatchCoin represents a significant departure from traditional models that exploit user data for nothing in return, because we don't have a centre that profits from people wasting their time on social networks. We promote physical contacts and create communities that people enjoy because everyone benefits from them. M2M by MatchCoin empowers everyone with a smartphone to actively participate in the digital economy, with full control and transparency over the use of their data. Because everyone owns their data and their time, no one else owns your time, your activity or your data. Start with M2M by MatchCoin to #OwnYourData and #OwnYourTime #OwnYourAutonomy

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