M2M Network

Revolution M2M Physically connections as network

The M2M (Mouth2Mouth) network is revolutionising the way personalised content is delivered and consumed by shifting the focus from algorithm-driven content to content driven by real human interaction. At the core of the network is the belief that real human contact provides a more valuable and relevant mechanism for content delivery than any algorithm because no algorithm is going to define you and figure out how to keep you on the platform for as long as possible. Of course, there is a reason why we want to promote this, because physical contacts create neural networks that can bring content from A to B in a personalised and decentralised way through the structure from day one. There is no need for algorithms to turn data into money (as centralised data octopuses do) because decentralised data is money from day one and has value as soon as it is linked.

In this network, every user benefits from personalised content that is precisely tailored to their interests and needs, without being manipulated by an opaque algorithm. This is achieved by people interacting directly with each other, sharing experiences and recommending content based on their actual interactions and shared interests. The M2M network fosters a community where users actively contribute to shaping their own experience by sharing and receiving content that is truly relevant and meaningful.

By focussing on human contact as the primary driver of content, the M2M network creates a unique social ecosystem that brings people together and encourages them to do so. This approach not only strengthens the social bonds between users, but also increases the quality and relevance of the content shared. Rather than being steered in a certain direction by an algorithm, the M2M network encourages its users to actively decide on their interests and connect with like-minded people, resulting in a more authentic and fulfilling user experience.

In summary, the M2M Network offers an innovative solution to the challenges of traditional, algorithm-driven content delivery by focussing on human interaction and genuine community building. It provides a platform where everyone can benefit from personalised content that truly matches their interests, backed by the power of real human contact rather than impersonal algorithms.

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