Problems and Solutions


The problem of traditional advertising, centralised social media and centrally created currencies is deeply rooted in today's digital and globalised world. These three areas pose significant challenges, characterised by privacy issues, control over user data and a lack of transparency and fairness.

The problem with traditional advertising lies in the extensive control that brands and advertising platforms have over user data, which is often collected and used without the explicit consent of the user. This leads to an invasion of privacy and a loss of trust. In addition, the impending elimination of cookies is causing an upheaval in the industry, which is looking for more privacy-friendly solutions. Despite the introduction of privacy laws around the world, many of these issues remain unresolved.

Centralised social media pose a similar problem because they have enormous power over the information and data they collect. These platforms control what users see and how information is disseminated, often leading to distorted perceptions and a lack of privacy. The centralisation of these platforms also means that they can make unilateral decisions about the use and sharing of user data, leading to abuse and manipulation.

The problem with centrally created currencies is the control that central banks and governments have over the creation and value of money. This centralised control leads to inflation, loss of value and unequal distribution of wealth. It also limits citizens' financial freedom and privacy, as all transactions can be monitored and controlled.

Here some documentations (Netflix-Films which explain the core problems) The Social Dilemma We tweet, we like, and we shareβ€” but what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media? As digital platforms increasingly become a lifeline to stay connected, Silicon Valley insiders reveal how social media is reprogramming civilization by exposing what’s hiding on the other side of your screen. Nada es privado - Nothing is private They have your data, they have control. "Nothing is Private" exposes the world of personal data exploitation through the stories of the people involved in the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal.


Solutions such as M2M by MatchCoin's aim to address these problems through decentralised technologies. They offer an alternative that prioritises privacy, transparency and user control. The introduction of decentralised currencies, social networks and a decentralised advertising platform could shift the balance of power by putting users back in control of their data, finances and access to information. Such approaches are an important step towards a fairer, more transparent and safer digital world.

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